Chocolate Noisette Slice

Our fudgiest cake of all. This rich chocolate sponge takes its luscious squidginess from a generous helping of toasted ground hazelnuts, and comes layered with homemade gianduja buttercream (think Nutella but better - and not only because, unlike the stuff in a jar, it's palm oil-free). We finish with another thick swirl of buttercream and a layer of crushed caramelised nuts. We did say it was rich, didn't we?

Allergen information: Contains gluten, milk, eggs, nuts (hazelnuts), soya 

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Please note that all products are made in a kitchen where wheat, nuts and other allergens are handled, and we cannot guarantee that this product is free from ANY allergen. If you have sensitivities to particular ingredients and would like more information, please get in touch.